Saturday, November 16, 2013

Car Seat Poncho

It's annoying when you have to take off coats to put your kids in their seats, then at your next stop take the kids out of their seats and put their coats back on.  I know it's for safety; I'm a rear-facing advocate (all of my boys were rear-facing until 2) and my oldest is 44" tall and still in a 5-point harness.  I'm still annoyed, especially when it's raining and cold.

So thanks to a friend who mentioned the car seat poncho, I looked into it and fell in love right away!  However, being the frugal mom I am, my second thought was, "I can make that for a lot less."

I looked on Pinterest and Google for a tutorial, and found one:

If you are wanting to make your own, I suggest printing the instructions (clicking the image will open it larger, then print) and watch the video posted from

They are very easy to make.  It took about 6-8 hours to make all three.

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